Our extra-virgin oil from Taggiasca olives is obtained by cold pressing, with an exclusively mechanical procedure with no chemical interventions. The oil obtained from this process is "a most", therefore unfiltered. A husky aspect is an essential characteristic of the Ligurian oil and guarantees its genuine origin.

Its shade can vary according to the picking season. Our oil is golden-yellow with a shade of green and is a result of the harvest of the first autumn months. The olives harvested in this period of the year permit to obtain a highly digestible and long-lasting oil. Our oil is kept in dark glass bottles to preserve it longer because it does not like being in the light.

There is no specific recipes to taste this oil, in that its delicate taste makes it very suitable for seasoning and combining the ingredients of any dish. To taste it at its best, we recommend to use it to season boiled vegetables (the heat of the vegetables exalts their fragrance) or with raw vegetables. It is excellent for mixed fried fish or together with any other fish dishes. Being so highly digestible, this oil is one of the most suitable oil sorts for frying.

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